How to get strong & feel your absolute best without spending hours in the gym or expensive equipment
You don't need another workout need a coach
It's time to stop jumping from program to program, doing random workout and training without a purpose
Does this sound like you?
You don't want to just
I wanted women to shift their focus from taking up less space in this world to becoming MORE stronger, faster, and more resilient
I was tired of seeing women waste their precious time doing ineffective workouts
I needed women to know there was a better way to train. Smarter, not harder.
but there are two things I need you to know.
This program is going to challenge you
This program is going to change you
Here's what's included 175 page ebook $197 value 12 weeks of progressive strength & conditioning training workouts Before and after performance testing to measure your progress Video demonstrations of every exercise
You'll get Access to: private playlists of exercise demonstrations for every workout monthly training schedule workout templates to record your progress
Each month begins a new phase that is more difficult than the last base weeks 1-4 build weeks 508 burn weeks 9 - 12
about your coach Mel Peachey is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Postnatal Fitness Specialist. She has a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Science and an Honours Kinesiology Degree. She isn't here to mess around ok? You wanted the best and you're going to get it!
What women are saying
“Ignite was perfect for me after I had stopped going to the gym and was looking to get back into it at home with less equipment. I didn't know where to start. Ignite literally re-ignited my fitness routine! The price-point is very reasonable and saved me a lot of my own time trying to design a workout myself without the expertise and training that Coach Peachey has. The way that the workouts progressed in difficulty made me feel both confident and challenged. The videos were also super helpful for learning proper form! I highly recommend this e-book!” - Katherine Z.
“I completed the home program and absolutely loved it! All of the workouts are linked to YouTube videos, and they are so easy to follow! I have never started and completed a guide before and this one is like no other! I completed the home program and all I needed was a pair of bands! I saw results, felt results, and am so motivated to continue my fitness journey! I continue to go back to the program guide even now that I have completed it! I would highly recommend this guide to anyone!” - Sarah P.
“Doing the home workout plan during COVID was the perfect reset and I had serious strength and muscle gain in the 12 weeks of the plan (it also comes with an extensive video library to show you how to do the exercises right!). If you’re thinking about it, I highly recommend the investment. Whether you’re new to training or have some background, there is a ton to be gained from picking up this book!” - Rebecca B.
Here's how it works
Every week you will have a workout schedule to follow
The best part? Whether you're new to strength training or a veteran, you'll get access to my proven method for getting meaningful strength gains.
Plus, the IGNITE program has been field tested by over 50 women just like you. It's not a question of whether this program works, we know it does.   The question is....
Is IGNITE right for you?
Let me break this down for you If you say “yes” to any of these questions...then IGNITE is PERFECT for you.
1. Are you tired of planning your own workouts only to see mediocre results?  2. Are you ready to follow ONE program that actually keeps your interest and keeps you progressing?   3. Are you wanting to take your training to the next level?If you answered YES to any these questions IGNITE is exactly what you need
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Frequently Asked Questions 1) What equipment do I need? For the GYM version you will need access to basic gym equipment including barbells, dumbbells, a squat rack, and a bench. Kettlebells are helpful but not mandatory, a dumbbell can be substituted for any kettlebell exercise. For the HOME program all you need is a set of resistance bands! 2) Do I need to follow the schedule? Ideally, yes. But if you need to rearrange the days so they better suit your schedule that is fine. Try to follow the order of the workouts and rest days in the week if you can. 3) What is the best way to track my progress? Use the fitness tests at the beginning and end of the program to compare your results! Each week you will also be able to track the weight you are using for each exercise . The goal is to gradually increase the weight you are lifting so it is important to track your weekly progress on the workout recording sheets. 4) Can I do additional workouts on top of this program? I would recommend following this program exactly as it is laid out. These 12 weeks will be challenging enough, adding additional workouts will only stress your body and decrease your ability to recover well. By not following the program as prescribed you risk decreasing its effectiveness.